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GTA 6 Hacker BLACKMAILING Rockstar Games, wants $100,000.

The hacker has also put GTA 5’s source code and assets up for sale, saying he won’t accept offers less than 5 figures.

With all of the internet hyped after getting their first glimpse at what GTA 6’s development is shaping up to be, the whole scenario might be a whole lot more concerning than it seems at the moment.

The latest scoop in this fiasco is that the hacker is trying to blackmail Rockstar Games with the game’s source code, editing his initial GTAForums post to mention ways to contact him and stating that he is willing to “negotiate a deal”.

Sometime after dropping videos from the huge leak on GTAForums, the user named ‘teapotuberhacker’ edited his initial post, adding that he is “looking to negotiate a deal” with Rockstar Games and TakeTwo. The hacker had previously indicated that he could possibly leak more data related to the game, and also claims to be the person behind the recent hack in Uber’s internal communication.

The source code leak could spell grim times for players, as it can be misused by anyone to cheat in the game, especially given the fact that GTA 5’s current player base is largely in GTA Online, and the source code for the game could give anyone the ability to compromise user’s data and identity.

News had come out about someone buying the GTA 5 source code from the hacker at a whopping price tag of $100,000, but they commented about this claim, saying this news was false and the payment had been made to a scammer posing as the hacker. The source code leaking is a major setback, with industry insiders claiming this sets back the game’s development by another year potentially.

In the past, the source code of the Valve game Half-Life 2 had leaked a year before the game’s announced release date, leading to developers changing it completely for the game’s public release. Similar measures might be taken in this situation as well.

TakeTwo’s legal team is currently active, trying to takedown any footage of the GTA 6 leak being posted online, and the hacker’s demands have also been removed from his forum post by the community’s moderator. It remains to be seen how this situation shapes up.

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